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Neff Custom Cabinetry Design Process

At NEFF Gulf Coast, it’s our job to guide and work with our customers, every step of the way, be it with a home owner, designer, builder or architect, regardless of how much experience you have with the process of designing, ordering, and installing new custom cabinetry. Whether you are renovating a kitchen or building a new home, it can be complicated if you don’t know what to expect, or if you don’t have the right partner to guide you through the process.

We’d like to make it easy for you, so we’ve developed a guide to the five phases of working with us on your kitchen or cabinetry project:

  1. Preliminary Design Quotation
  2. Design Approval and Order
  3. Production Period
  4. Installation
  5. Post-Installation Follow-up

PHASE 1: Preliminary Design Quotation

Many premium cabinetry dealers and kitchen design boutiques will charge an up-front retainer, just to give you an estimate of how much your custom cabinetry will cost. At NEFF Gulf Coast, we have never operated this way.

We understand that whether your budget is twenty-thousand dollars or two hundred thousand, you want to have an idea of how much kitchen you can get for your budget, and you want to know to whom you’ll be entrusting before you spend any money. All we ask is that you tell us what your desired budget range is. As we get to know your tastes and the scope of your project, we will strive to delight you while meeting your target number.

Step 1: Getting To Know You – Preliminary Discussion

This is where our design team gets to know your tastes and desires to develop our preliminary design. Come into our showroom, located at 229 South Osprey Avenue, suite 101, Sarasota, FL, in the historic Laurel Park district, or make an appointment to see us. We’re open M-F from 10-5 and other times by appointment.

If you have the plan drawings for your home and an appliance list, please bring a copy you can leave with us or we will make one for you. If you don’t have plans, we would be delighted to visit your home to take the measurements we’ll need to do a draft design.

One of our talented Kitchen and Bath Designers will guide you through the myriad choices offered by NEFF, make recommendations to suit your taste and lifestyle and will help you to stay within your budget. Our designers will get to know you and your project and will work with NEFF manufacturing to ensure that the design you want is translated to the most cost effective production methods so that you get the most value from the money you have to spend.

Step 2: Conceptual Design And Quotation

Our target at NEFF Gulf Coast is to present you with a conceptual design and a price range for your project, one week from the day we have both your measurements and our preliminary discussion. When we meet, we will present a sketch of a conceptual layout, some color and texture samples and a price range for the lay-out and materials shown.

You let us know what you like and don’t like and we’ll make as many adjustments and recommendations as you deem necessary.

At this point, if we’ve done our job right, you will love the design and be confident that NEFF Gulf Coast cabinetry will add value to your home for years to come.

PHASE 2: Design Approval and Order

Once you’ve decided to move ahead with NEFF Gulf Coast on your kitchen, bath, closet or custom cabinetry project, based on the conceptual design and value estimate, the next phase is to finalize the design, develop a firm contract price and approve the order.

We have found that this phase could take 3 to 6 weeks, however in reality, the timing always depends on your availability to meet with us and on the number of changes you make.

Phase 2 starts with payment of a Design Fee to NEFF Gulf Coast, which is approximately 10% of the total estimate presented in Phase 1. This fee is non-refundable and exempt from sales tax, but is included in the total project estimate. The fee includes 3 sets of revisions to your design.

The next step is to confirm measurements and other related information, such as plumbing, electric and appliances. To ensure your satisfaction with the final product, we would need to visit to take final measurements before beginning the final design drawings.

At this point, our Designer will begin to take the conceptual drawing you’ve approved and will create a computerized drawing (CAD) of the layout of your kitchen or other cabinetry project. This is a very detailed process, in which every component piece of your cabinetry is identified, along with its dimensions and relationship to other component modules.

Our design team works with NEFF manufacturing to “spec out” the custom elements in your design and to ensure that tolerances are built in to avoid conflicts and binding, especially in curved designs or to allow certain species of solid wood to “breathe”, and they’ll look for the most cost effective way to manufacture your custom design.

Upon completion of the detailed drawings, we need to present them to you to get your approval. We also prepare a contract which outlines our responsibility to you and the responsibilities that you have in the process so, as well as the deposit amount due, [first draw].

Once you have approved the design, signed the contract, and paid the deposit, you are welcome to have copies of the design drawings.

Neff Gulf Coast is now at the point in the process to allow us to begin the ordering process with the manufacturer.

PHASE 3: Production Period

Whether you have chosen a custom color pigment or a color from one of the many sample finishes on display at NEFF Gulf Coast, we want to make sure that you are getting the exact color to suit your home.

Veneers and solid wood in particular can vary in color and stain absorption from tree to tree within the same species. For this reason, before going into production, NEFF will produce color samples for you to sign-off before they begin to craft your cabinetry.

Additionally, your NEFF Gulf Coast will review the manufacturer’s engineering drawings, and get your final sign-off on all of the elements of your project, including door design, grain-matches, color samples, hardware, accessories, NEFF backsplashes and the specifications of your appliances.

NEFF Gulf Coast will submit the order to NEFF manufacturing, who will give us a firm delivery date. At this time, we will schedule the delivery and installation with our installation team.

Timeline- How long does it take? Once the order has been submitted to NEFF Kitchens, it typically takes 11 to 12 weeks to craft and deliver your cabinetry. If that doesn’t meet your needs, talk to us about NEFF’s premium option for rush delivery.

NEFF Gulf Coast can design, produce, deliver and install a project in as little as 17 weeks, or 12 weeks if you elect to take advantage of a premium priced Rush option. However, the reality is that our customers lead busy lives and need more time in the design and approval parts of the process, so if you are planning a kitchen, bath, Valet closet or other custom cabinetry project, we recommend that you visit us 23 weeks before the date you want your kitchen ready.

Changes? If inspiration or necessity causes a change to your project after you have signed off on it, we are happy to accommodate you for a nominal fee. Depending on the scope of the change and the timing, we’ll work with you to minimize the impact on the delivery date.

A few days before your order is ready to ship, NEFF manufacturing will notify us and we’ll call you to confirm the time and place of delivery. At this time, the second draw is due to NEFF Gulf Coast, prior to shipping.

PHASE 4: Installation

From NEFF Gulf Coast’s experience, this phase could take 1 or more weeks depending on the scope of the project. Our design team and installation team will continue to work closely with the principals on site to ensure the install goes smoothly.

Appliances should be available to ensure proper fit, although appliance installation is not part of our contract. Plumbing fixtures are also a good idea to have on site, again just to make sure there are no surprises.

As soon as your NEFF cabinets are installed, your countertop fabricator can come and take the measurements they’ll need to shape the slabs for your kitchen, bathroom or closet island.

At this stage, the final draw is due.

This process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks from measurement to countertop installation. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to use your NEFF cabinets while you are waiting because NEFF permanently finishes the top of each cabinet with the wood substrate for stability and for better hygiene.

Phase 5: Post Installation Follow-up

When your kitchen or other cabinetry project is complete, we’d like to come to see you to talk about your experience and with your permission, take some pictures. We hope you’ll tell us what you liked about dealing with NEFF Gulf Coast and what you think we can do to improve.

Mostly, we just want to say “thank-you” for choosing extraordinary NEFF cabinetry from NEFF Gulf Coast.